The CustomPropertyWorker AddIn (CPW) is the tool to help SOLIDWORKS users create, edit and delete custom properties. One interface designed to help you take control over your parts, assemblies and components with ease.

Custom Properties

CPW approach custom properties differently than other existing tools. CPW defines custom properties by their attributes (Name, Value, Configuration-Specific, Configurations to be targeted). These custom properties are saved in a project file and can be loaded by the user at any time.

Smart Search

Each CPWP project is unique. This is why
SmartSearch exists. With SmartSearch, you can define what files to process. You can process all
the open documents in the SOLIDWORKS session or even entire directories. You can also process components inside an assembly and filter what components to process using a regular expression filter.

Extreme search and replace capabilities

CPWP can search for and replace any value. Thanks to the Microsoft .NET regular expression library, CPWP can match complicated patterns such as a part ID, Dates and Time.

Dynamic custom properties

If you are adding a custom property, you can use “$$_Document_Title” in the custom property value and the AddIn will replace that with the document’s name. This can prove useful if you’re adding a Material custom property for example.

Live Reports

AddIn generate live reports detailing each step of the way. You’ll be notified if something went wrong. These logs can be saved.


Features Basic Premium
Create, update, and delete custom properties at the document and configuration level for any document type
Real-time reporting and error handling
Process active or open documents
Save properties and search settings for future use
Process all components in an assembly
Process all documents in any number of directories
Edit components properties from the context of an assembly
COMING SOON: PDM support for check-in and check-out
COMING SOON: Task scheduling
$99/3 mth or

To get more information, please refer to the documentation section here.



CPW requires an active internet connection when it first loads (in order to check the license) and is compatible with SolidWorks 2014 and later.